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Strand On The Green House Histories

Family-History-bannerWe are excited to announce the launch of the Strand on the Green 'House History Initiative'. This is intended as the first of a number of projects aimed at connecting the families who live in Strand on the Green today with the people who lived in their homes in times past.

A project for all ages, we will be providing materials for families and children as well as for more serious historians. We are working alongside similar projects being run by residents groups in Stamford Brook, Grove Park and Bedford Park.

Some Tips For Getting Started

The Strand On The Green 'House History' project is going to be a combination of individual work by householders, with some central work by the team and any volunteers that would like to join.  We are co-ordinating a group of locals to look at some of the bigger, more comprehensive sources of information (such as the 1911 Census data). The information we find from these sources will be shared out to the relevant households and streets. In the meantime there are lots of things you can do to get started!This article is the first of our help articles for the History project with some pointers to get you started on your search. 

Sources Of House History Information

This page is intended to give homeowners in Strand On The Green a headstart in finding out information about their home and the local area. The intention with the project is that we all share our findings informally (by emailing round the group) or more formally through the web tools we are building.