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Update on Brentford Community Stadium

Message from Sally Stephens (New Stadium Project Manager):

As you are probably already aware, on 7 December last year the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) Planning Committee resolved to approve the planning amendments submitted in September 2017 for the Brentford Community Stadium and enabling residential development. The Council’s decision notices formalising the approvals were published on 1 February 2018, along with our revised Section 106 Agreement outlining commitments to the Council and local communities.

Download this file (Minutes LRLG 23 August 2017.pdf)Minutes LRLG 23 August 2017.pdf[ ]369 Kb

Future Borough Strategy

The Hounslow Together Strategic Partnership has developed a framework to update the Future Borough Strategy to better reflect the challenges and priorities for future partnership work. The Partnership would like to invite you to review and give your feedback on this.

Chiswick Curve - update

Starbones Ltd has exercised the right to appeal against the refusal of planning permission by LBH - see attached document.

Download this file (Chiswick Curve - update.DOC)Chiswick Curve - update.DOC[ ]15 Kb
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Ball's Wharf development - update

SoGA has been infromed by the PLA that application – AN-07-177 – for multiple moorings at Ball’s Wharf has been withdrawn.

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SoGA Launches 'House History' Project


After the success of the BBC's 'A House Through Time' TV programme, we are excited to announce the launch of the Strand on the Green 'House History Initiative'. This is intended as the first of a number of projects aimed at connecting the families who live in Strand on the Green today with the people who lived in their homes in times past.

What's in a name?

As you may have read in the latest edition of Signals, over the years, we have lost some alleys that historically connected Back Lane (know now as Thames Road) to the Strand towpath. Today we have Post Office Alley and Ship Alley but have you ever wondered about the name of other two remaining alleys – the one at the side of the Bell & Crown and the other at the side of the Hopkin Morris Homes of Rest?