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What's in a name?

As you may have read in the latest edition of Signals, over the years, we have lost some alleys that historically connected Back Lane (know now as Thames Road) to the Strand towpath. Today we have Post Office Alley and Ship Alley but have you ever wondered about the name of other two remaining alleys – the one at the side of the Bell & Crown and the other at the side of the Hopkin Morris Homes of Rest?

BellAlleyRecently we were reviewing the SoGA archives and we discovered that the alley at the side of the Bell & Crown pub was historically known as (rather appropriately) BELL ALLEY. The other alley was known as GROVE ROW.

We contacted LBH to see if they would agree to install new signage and they agreed. The BELL ALLEY sign was installed at the start of this week and we look forward to the GROVE ROW sign being installed in due course.

SoGA would like to thank Mark Frost at LBH for agreeing to the installation of the new signs.