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Message from local police

Dear Resident of Chiswick Riverside Ward
This is a crime prevention email from your local policing team.
We have all heard stories of people who have fallen victim to online fraud, courier fraud, online dating and romance fraud, identity fraud and the list is long. Many people are not aware, but there is a book which offers advice on such matters "The Little Book of Big Scams". I have attached a copy for your attention. Please feel free to share the document with friends and family.
If we put the word out there and educate as many people as possible, I am sure our loved ones will not become victims of these callous individuals who are preying on innocent victims. Please spread the word around to as many people as possible and encourage them to read the book.
Thanks for your support as usual and if you know anyone who has been a victim of such crime, please encourage them to report it to Action Fraud  on 0300 123 2040 or online at
Ed Ade
Police Sergeant 25TX
Chiswick Police Station
Download this file (the-little-book-of-big-scams.pdf)the-little-book-of-big-scams.pdf[ ]2059 Kb