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Brentford Stadium updates

From Sally Stephens, New Stadium Project Manager:

I am getting in touch to provide an update on a number of matters relating to the Brentford Community Stadium development:

  1. To provide a copy of the slides, Minutes and various attachments from our last Lionel Road Liaison Group (LRLG) meeting held on Monday 17 September
  2. To share a copy of our latest Construction Newsletter
  3. To ask for your support for South Western Railway’s bid to secure government funding to provide disabled access on the westbound platform at Kew Bridge station

1. Minutes from the Lionel Road Liaison Group Meeting

Firstly, I must apologise for the delay in sharing these Minutes. As you may appreciate from the details provided, the preparation of these notes required input from multiple sources which took a bit of time to coordinate. Following that, we were then waiting for the final version of the latest Construction Newsletter so we could send all of these to you at the same time and that also took a little longer than originally anticipated to finalise.

2. Construction Newsletter

This is the second Brentford Community Stadium Construction Newsletter, which will be distributed to around 4,300 residents living closest to the development over the coming days (and will be included on the Brentford Community Stadium website). Please also feel free to share this newsletter with your own networks. Since our LRLG meeting on 17 September, construction on the stadium has been progressing well and in the last few days work has now started on the steel frame for the east stand.

  1. Access for All – bid for government money to improve accessibility to stations

As mentioned at the last LRLG meeting, we are working with South Western Railway (SWR) to support a bid for the ‘Access for All’ fund which aims to improve access to stations across the country. As you are probably aware, the opening of the underpass as part of the Brentford Community Stadium development will provide disabled access to the eastbound platform, but there are currently no plans in place to achieve disabled access to the westbound platform (although a 3 metre strip of land has been preserved beside the platform to enable this to happen when funding is available). More details of the £300m Access for All fund are provided here.

We’ve had some good meetings with SWR so far but of course not all bids for this fund will be successful so we need to demonstrate a really strong case and as much support as possible so that Kew Bridge station is chosen for funding. We also need to demonstrate the potential for 3rd party funding and hope that part of the money committed to Kew Bridge station enhancements as part of the Brentford Community Stadium development S106 obligations could be used to support this initiative if successful. (Note: Transport for London (TfL) are also putting in a similar bid for Gunnersbury station so it would be great if both bids are successful.)

Successful bids need to demonstrate strong local support and, to that end, if you are able to send a letter of support from your organisation or Residents Group, it would be most helpful. Key factors that will be considered include the footfall at stations, whether 3rd party funding will be available and where support is require to fill ‘gaps’ in accessibility on the network.

Please could you address your letter of support (on headed notepaper if possible) to South Western Railway, explaining why you feel it is imperative that funding is provided to secure access for all to Kew Bridge station.

Ideally could you scan and attach your letter to an email, and send it to David Wilby, Regional Development Manager South Western Railway at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All letters need to be received at the latest by Friday 2 November. (Alternatively, you can post your letter to David Wilby at the following address: Friars Bridge Court, 41-45 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NZ but please allow some extra time for any postage delays).

As always if you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to ask and I will be in touch again shortly to propose a date for our next LRLG meeting.